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Job Board Script Features in Brief

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Why you should choose EasyJobScript?

Our job board script is completely designed to build rich features job portal websites with ease.

  • Feature Rich Job Board Script

    Our job board script already has everything you need to run a successful job board website.
  • Improved Online Resume Builder Tool

    Our job board script has the imporved online resume builder tool to allow your jobseekers easily create multiple resumes.
  • Multiple languages support

    Our job board script can run up to 10 languages in 1 website.
  • Easy To Use Application

    We have designed the interfaces to help users use the application with ease.
  • Accept Online and Offline Payments

    You can accept both online and offline payments to help monetize your website.
  • Mobile Version Ready

    We have also a mobile website version ready so your visitors can easily access the website from their smartphones.
  • Manage Everything with Ease

    You can control everything from our easy-to-use administration panel.
  • Free 7 Days Trial

  • Full Support & Free First Time Installation

  • Free One Month Web Hosting Support

  • Free 6 Months Upgrade

Feature-Rich Job Search and Resume Search Functions

Our job portal script already has feature rich job search and resume search function.

  • Advanced Search System
  • Search Results are also displayed on map.
  • Search Radius Function
  • Enhanced Sorting Capability.
  • SEO Friendly URL.

Feature Rich Job Detail Page

Our enhanced job detail page will surely give all information to jobseekers regarding the job.

  • Improved Photo Gallery.
  • Nicely formatted Employer / Company Information.
  • Easy To Use Contact Form.
  • Information Sharing Capability.
  • Social Bookmarking

Feature Rich Resume Profile Page

  • Improved Photo Gallery & Video Gallery.
  • Easy To Use Contact Form.
  • Information Sharing Capability.
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Nicely formatted Work History, Academic History, Skills, References, Affiliations and so much more ...

Integrated Payment System

  • Accepts Online Payments easily using Paypal and 2CheckOut.
  • Accepts Off-line Payments, such as Wire Transfer, Money Order or Check Order.
  • Post a job using Pay-Per-Listing Packages and Pay-Per-Month (Subscription) packages.
  • Employers can view a resume using Pay-Per-View by using available resume credits.

Enhanced Form Validation

  • CAPTCHA form protection
  • Easy To Understand Form Errors.
  • Easy To Change Required Fields.

Multiple Languages and Localization Feature

  • Multiple Languages Capability.

    EasyJobScript has several versions that allow you to use multi language feature.

    For example, the EasyJobScript World Version now supports up to 10 languages, such as English, Spanish, French, Deutsch, Portuguese, Greek, Italian, Russian, Dutch and Japanese.

    For each language, the user will have the ability to put the same data in different version. Example, if you are using the Spanish Version, then you can enter different job title for both English and Spanish.
  • Multi Currency Format and Date Format.

    EasyJobScript allows you to choose your own currency format and date format for each languages you use in your website.

Feature Rich Employer Panel

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  • Manage Job Listings and its photos, videos, documents, questionaires, etc ...
  • Edit Company Profile.
  • View Transaction History.
  • Manage Account Subscription.
  • Search Resumes and View Resume.
  • Change Password.

Feature Rich Jobseeker Panel with Online Resume Builder

  • Manage Multiple Resumes with photos, videos, references, etc.
  • Upgrade a resume profile to a higher package to ensure maximum visibility.
  • Edit Personal Profile.
  • Manage Favorite Jobs and Reviews.
  • Change Password.

Feature Rich Banner Manager

Advertisers can use this feature to do the following :

  • Manage Banners Advertisements.
  • Edit Company Profile.
  • View Transaction History.
  • Change Password.

Feature Rich Administration Panel

From the administration panel, you can do the following :

  • View website summary.
  • Edit website properties.
  • Backup MySQL database using Backup Tool.
  • Manage content pages easily.
  • Manage email templates.
  • Manage photo properties.
  • Manage languages and edit currency / date format.
  • Configure payment preferences.
  • Manage administrator users.
  • Edit lookup data using Lookup Management Tools from your admin panel.
  • Manage currencies, countries, locations, day names, month names, etc easily.
  • Manage employers along with their job listings.
  • Manage advertisers and their banner ads.
  • Manage jobseekers and their resume profiles.
  • Edit form fields using Listing Fields Editor.
  • Approve job listings, photos, videos, etc from the Approval Center.

Support and Upgrades

  • FREE 1 Month Web Hosting Support.

    You don't need to worry if your web server does not meet the requirements. We have provided it all here.

    When you make the purchase, we already provided a free one month web hosting trial period for you to see that everything is working fine.
  • FREE 6 Months Upgrade Period.

    You will be given free update within 6 months of your purchase date.
  • FREE 1 Time Installation Period.

    We provide you with free one time installation. So you don't have to worry about the installation. We will do that for FREE for you.