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Adjustable Rapid Fire

Video OverlayAdjustable Rapid Fire Mod

Drop Shot

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Video OverlayDrop Shot Mod

Quick Scope

Video OverlayQuick Scope Mod

Auto Scope

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Video OverlayAuto Scope Mod

Auto Run

Video OverlayAuto Run Mod
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Burst Mode

Video OverlayBurst Mode Mod


Video OverlayAkimbo Mod

Double Tap

Video OverlayDouble Tap Mod

Fast Reload

Video OverlayFast Reload Mod

Auto Drop


Perfect Swing

Max Spin

Max Swing

Fatality Mod

Demonstration Videos

Video OverlayAdjustable RapidFire Mod
Video OverlayDrop Shot Mod
Video OverlayQuick Scope Mod
Video OverlayAuto Scope Mod
Video OverlayAuto Run Mod
Video OverlayBurst Mode Mod
Video OverlayAkimbo Rapid Fire Mod
Video OverlayDouble Tap Mod
Video OverlayFast Reload Mod

GamerModz Modded Controllers

Who We Are

GamerModz started the Custom Modded Controller Industry in 2007. Prior to 2007, no one had even heard of a modded controller. The only thing that existed prior to 2007 was Turbo controllers. As the original innovator, we are proud of the industry we have created over the last 8 years - redefined the gaming controller. Today, our customers have an endless amount of options to choose from - both internally and externally. All of our mods are designed and produced in-house by a team of engineers and technicians in our 8000 square foot facility in the heart of Tampa, Florida. Here at GamerModz, we write our own code, we produce our own mod chips and perform ALL steps of manufacturing and assembly. You can rest assured that when you purchase from GamerModz, you are purchasing the very best.

What We Do

Here at GamerModz, we are committed to providing our customers with the latest mods available. Our engineers spend hours upon hours playing games, developing code and working with the community to develop mods that create a more enjoyable gameplay experience. Our technical expertise is not limited to FPS (First Person Shooter) Games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Titanfall, Destiny and Halo. We also have mods available for games such as PGA Tour, The Golf Collection, GTA-V and Mortal Kombat too.

Playing great is one thing, but looking great - that's important too! Throughout the years, we have invested heavily in specific tools and materials required for the complete customization of how a controller looks. Using our Create-a-Controller application, you can change out any part of your controller and design a truly custom controller - you can even put you name on it with our GamerTag option.

A Company You Can Trust

Throughout the years, we have seen many "companies" come and go. Oftentimes, they are average everyday people working out of their house or garage trying to make some extra money. These "companies" usually end up going out of business and closing shop. However, sometimes they will close one "company" and re-open under a different name. This can be very scary from a consumer's perspective. GamerModz is the longest standing custom modded controller company in the industry; you do not need to worry about us going anywhere! We have been here from the beginning - we started this industry.

100% Focused On Customer Satisfaction

Here at GamerModz, we want to help. Feel free to reach out to our customer service department anytime for anything. Questions about your order or controller? No problem! Call or email us. Having trouble setting up your mods? Schedule a tech call and get a personalized support session. Have a question about one of our competitors? We will give you our honest opinion. Have an issue with a controller you purchased from one of another company? Contact us. It doesn't matter if you purchased a controller 8 years ago or last month, we will assist you with any questions or concerns you have. We are here to help our gaming community.

We're Making Waves In the World of Gaming